HiS - Doreen & Dianne


you alone

written by Dianne Steele & Doreen Newton;
musicians: Rick Leab - drums; Bobby Sweet - guitar; Jody Lampro - bass; Doreen Newton - vocals & acoustic guitar; Dianne Steele - vocals & acoustic guitar;

hallelujah my Father
for giving me your son
hallelujah my Father
give me the grace to live on

when i try to hide
take me deeper inside
when i'm afraid of the night
show me, show me the light

hallelujah my Father...

there is nothing for me
nothing this world is offering
everything is vanity
give me, give me my king
hallelujah my Father...

who is like my Lord
no one in this world
can touch your majesty
you alone are worthy
you alone are worthy...