HiS - Doreen & Dianne


I trust in You

written by Dianne Steele; vocals & guitar Dianne; back up vocals chidlren; guitar Greg Steele
album: sight of the angels

in the morning sun.....in the evening rain
when my souls on fire ....and when I feel the pain
in the noonday light....when every things alright
when everythings gone wrong.....i'll stil sing my song

oh, you put the sun and the stars in their place
said everything was good the universe obeys your command
and turns just as it should I trust in you I trust in you

when I'm working hard.....when i need my rest
when all else fails....and when I have success
when i'm all alone...and when I have no frriend
when I come undone....at the evenings end

When the bells are ringing
in the dead of the night I will keep on singing....all of my life