HiS - Doreen & Dianne


the well

written by Dianne Steele; lead vocals Dianne; backup vocals Doreen; lead guitar Bobby Sweet;
album: stand up

i know your tired
i know you're weary
and i know how hard you've tried
i know your empty
i yout soul is thirsting
i am the well that will never run dry

and your body
it is aching
your afraid you'll loose your mind
all the reasons
for your choices
so long ago and hard to find

come to me when you are weary
lay your burdens at my feet
i am your drink
dip your fingers in the well
come and drink

when you've given
all you can give
and there's nothing left inside
just remember
when you are fading
i am the well that will never run dry

come to me...

the battle is hard
you think you’re sinking
just when you feel you can't go on
i am closer
than you imagine, you never fall so far
you can’t come back home

come to me...