HiS - Doreen & Dianne


miracle man

written by Dianne Steele & Doreen Newton;
Musicians: Bobby Sweet - slide guitar; Dianne Steele - vocals & acoustic guitar; Doreen Newton vocals & djembe

jesus walked on the water
he was a miracle man
he healed the sick raised the dead
by the touch of his hand

they followed him
to the mountain
just to hear him speak his word
wisdom flowed like a fountain
into everyone who heard

the power in his love
only a few will understand
what he gave when he lay down his life
the miracle man

on the cross there was a sinner
hanging right by jesus side
and he knew he was the savior
when he looked into his eyes
he said lord will you remember me
when you reign on high
jesus said even today
you shall be with me in paradise

the power...

is is harder to walk on water
or to heal the heart of man
is forgiveness the power
in the touch of his hand