HiS - Doreen & Dianne


let you go

written by Dianne Steele; duet with Doreen; acoustic guitar dianne; lead Greg Steele
album: sight of the angels

I'm not gonna let you go I will never give up on your soul
though you walk away and turn your eyes from me
once there was a time you said your love was mine
I'm not gonna let you go....never
I'll let you go your way the path is yours to take
sometimes you will fall but I'll be waiting through it all
the choices you have made the truth has been betrayed
its heavy on your soul but I will free you if you just let go
I'm not gonna let you go..
don't let the past rule (don't let it fool you)
don't let it weigh you down from my heart I promise you
you will be forever in my love
I'm not gonna let you go..