HiS - Doreen & Dianne


heaven bound

written by Dianne Steele; lead vocals Dianne; backup vocals Bobby Sweet; lead guitar Bobby Sweet;
album: sight of the angels

there's a road in the valley
through the shadow of my fears
leading on into heaven
at the end of all my years

sometimes i'm sure of where i'm going
many times i just don't know
but there's an open invitation
all the way along the road

heaven is the place i'm going to
it's arms are open wide
some say it's a state of mind
there'll be no escaping
that long and lonesome road
in the end i'm heaven bound

if someday you see me walking
say a prayer for me i make it home
because you know the way ain't easy
when you're walking all alone

i'm going down to the valley
through the shadow of my fears
and i will take nothing with me
cuz your love is all i need

heavens arms are open wide... i'm heaven bound