HiS - Doreen & Dianne


hear your voice

written by Doreen & Dianne; lead vocals Doreen; backup vocals Dianne; acoustic guitar Bobby Sweet; piano Bobby Sweet
album: stand up

where do i go
what do i do
how can i serve You
the way You want me to

how do i here your voice
how do i make the choice

when i don’t feel
that You are near
and i’m afraid
that i won’t find my way

oh let me here Your voice
help me make the choice
let me know how to follow You

help me walk freely Lord
unafraid of where You’ll lead me
take me now into Your fire
let Your love consume me
my hearts desire

so many roads
that we can choose
but only one road
reveals the truth

oh lead me to Your voice
help me make the choice
show me how to follow You
and i will follow You