HiS - Doreen & Dianne



written by Dianne Steele & Doreen Newton;
musicians: Bruce Mandel - Bass; Dianne Steele - vocals & acoustic guitar; Doreen Newton vocals & acoustic guitar

Lord i am filled with a hunger
only you can satisy
touch the longing in my soul
with one moment in your eyes
the fire of your gaze burns wihtin me to the bone
with love so deep to reach right into
my heart of stone

oh hallelujah...

and into my darkest hour
you came to me
surround me with your presence
in my heart i feel
the power of your love
to change my life
no one can compare with you
joy of my desire

oh hallelujah...

crossing ove years of sin
you bring me true release
my stony heart surrender
to your kiss of peace
yours is the kingdom
forever praise your name
the powewr and hte glory
eternally amen

oh hallelujah...