HiS - Doreen & Dianne


because I love you

written by Doreen, lead vocals Doreen; backup vocals Dianne; lead acoustic guitar Bobby Sweet; additional guitar Rick Leab; electric guitar Bobby Sweet
album: stand up

in those times when i feel weary
my vision is unclear
all my hopes are shaded by the clouds
of darkness and despair
i lift up my hands reach out my arms
and open up my heart
and that’s when something beautiful starts

he takes my hand
he leads me on
he lets me know i’m not alone
he fills my heart
with love and song
he sets my spirit free
because he loves me

there’ll be times i know i’ll fail you
i’ll get caught up in the race
and when i can’t feel you
what do i do
when i lose sight of your face
he said “lift up your arms
and reach out for my hand
oh my child don’t you understand?”

i died for you
now live for me
ask of me and believe
just take my hand
i’ll see you through
there’s nothing you can’t do
because i love you
there’s nothing you can’t do
because i love you


This is "the song" that changed my life!

Though I was raised in a very committed Christian family, one day about 10 years ago, I began to read a prayer. The first side used the name of God which was comforting to me, but when I turned the paper over the prayer continued on, using the name of Jesus several times and it was in that moment, I realized I could not say his name! This sent me to my knees crying and begging the Lord to please reveal to me beyond a shadow of a doubt, that with every fiber of my being I would know the truth. Was Jesus really His Son and did He really die on the cross for my sins? I begged forgiveness for even having to admit my doubt but I remember the words of my favorite pastor, that God already knows all your thoughts so do not be afraid to go to him openly confessing them. Those words encouraged me to be honest with the Lord.

A couple of weeks passed and one morning I was sitting on my couch having coffee, looking out the window admiring the beautiful sunshine, and all of a sudden words with a melogy flooded into my mind. I started to cry and realized God is telling me something. I scribbled down the words, ran over to my out of tune piano and trembled as I played the song. Shaking, I returned to the couch thinking about what God was revealing to me. As I calmed down and caught my breath the words "I died for you, now live for me" brought me to my knees weeping.

It is what Dianne and I now call my conversion song because I will never doubt again.