HiS - Doreen & Dianne


at last

written by Dianne Steele; vocals Dianne; lead guitar Bobby Sweet; drum Rick Leab
album: stand up

at last, I sink into the dawn
at last, the rising of the Son
I leave this world and all it’s cares
into Your hands
at last, into Your hands

wasn’t i faithful
didn’t i pay the price
why don’t they understand
the sacrifice

why would i do it
if not for love of you
why would you send me hear
to be untrue

at last...

upon my shoulders
i carry all the world
i carry everyone
every soul

at last...

Father forgive them
they know not what they do
they know not what they do

where is my kingdom
it is not of this world
it is not of this world

the power and glory
from heaven before me
take me from calvary