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At the same time, unknowingly, Dianne and Doreen were praying for a spiritual musical partner to share a ministry. They came together for the first time to record, 'Sight of the Angels' in 1999, and found that they were born to sing together original heavenly influenced songs . Doreen & Dianne have unity in the Spirit that shines through their harmonies, songwriting and deep friendship as they perform their Heavenly Influenced Songs. Their new CD ‘Stand Up’ is a powerful experience that touches the soul.

Doreen Newton grew up on her father's farm in the beautiful Berkshire hills of western MA. Her mother, though she died when Doreen was only 9, left and impression that would shape her desire for God. Doreen's mother sang in church and she says that her mother and the church are one in her mind. "Heavenly influenced by my mother's intense love for the Lord, I felt the desire to know the God she loved so much."

At age 29, she began singing with what became a very successful band, opening for acts such as, "Sawyer Brown, Denah Carter, Bellamy Bro.'s, to mention a few,.. After 8 years of making great music though, she said she still remembers the night she felt like a black hole of darkness was surrounding her and she was walking on a road that led further and further away from God. After getting on her knees and asking God to lead her back to him, he led her to a church whose pastor was very much in love with the Lord, renewing her faith. Her heart began to change and she now longed to sing for God. Dianne, who was only an aquaintance at the time, asked her to sing on her new cd and that is when the seeds of their ministry were sewn. "Though I was growing powerfully in my faith, one night , I realized I still had doubts. I wanted to hear straight from God that his son was real. After crying out, Jesus revealed himself to me and gave to me my first song, "Because I love you" .

Dianne Steele grew up in a harbor town on the North Shore of Long Island. She says her father took the family to the south shore to play in the big waves every Saturday in the summer.

It was her mother, Mary Lou McCatty, who gave her the knowledge that God was personal - beyond religion. Her mother had a gift of inner healing, many people came to her for prayers and through her Dianne learned of God's healing power. "After a rebelious time I began searching. One night when I was 16 I remember being surrounded by fear and though I didn't yet believe, I don't know why but I hugged the bible all through the night and it was the only thing that gave me peace. Over the following year God began to reveal Himself and His love so overwhelmed me it changed everything." She dabbled in all the arts, singing, painting and dancing. Dianne joined the music ministry when her mother was leading a prayer group at the Marian Father's in 1990, and heavenly influenced songs came to her. "Those were the songs that people requested to hear. I started recording my music and eventually song writing would capture my heart and be my expression of faith." Dianne served also as a worship leader from 1993-2003 for the House of Peace.

"I prayed for a partner to share this ministry - someone with a heart for God and a voice to create harmony with....AND....Doreen came on the scene! Unbeknownst to me she had also been praying for the same thing and so, here we are."